"My name is Wendy Wilkinson and as Women’s Pastor of St Aldates church in Oxford I was responsible for organising and hosting events for the women in the church.

I looked for speakers who would both encourage and challenge us and in Lynda I found both! In her talk at a breakfast for about 100 women Lynda gave many of us permission to admit our own fears and weaknesses by being so open about her own struggle with food addiction. Only with healing prayer, help from others and a certain dose of self awareness and subsequent self discipline was her new walk possible she told us.

Lynda is candid and humble in her approach so no-one was left feeling guilty or inadequate but rather empowered to make a start on their own new journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker who can openly address subjects which many would prefer left hidden!" 

 Wendy Wilkinson, former Women's Pastor, St Aldates Church, Oxford

Reviews for Being Known

"5* Hope for those hiding.  I'm reading this book and it's the first book that has spoken to me of the twenty-five plus I've read on food addiction. Like one of the reviewers said, "it gives hope." That in itself is more important than statistics and "practical" advice. I've researched and analyzed and dissected this food addiction thing to the point that I'm mentally exhausted and I realize that for me, no one but God can completely and permanently deal with it. It is an emotional healing that must take place first, before one can deal with the bad eating habits. This book has helped pin point what the areas are that need to be examined in my own life personally."                                         Elizabeth Alexander  25 Feb 2016

"5* Such a hopeful book. A book of hope for anyone dealing with an eating addiction. It's not your usual self-help book because Lynda writes about her own journey into freedom. I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. She writes with honesty about her journey. Who would have thought a Christian - who's supposed to have all the answers - could have a problem like this. But Lynda opens her heart and shares a journey that at times has been difficult.It's not just for those with eating disorders however. Anyone with self-esteem or identity issues can find hope here. Though the journey and issues may be different a lot of the answers are the same - all grounded in God's love for us. Well worth buying. It could be a precious first step in finding your own healing."                                                                                                       Dyfed, 29 May 2013
"5* Great Read! This is going to be a lifeline for those with eating disorders, but it is not only for them, but all of us who find ourselves returning to addictive behaviours to fill the hole that only God the Father can fill. And that is what this book is about, finding that the Father wants to heal us and lead us into greater freedom, from death to life."

                              Michael Keen, 9 Aug 2013

Reviews for He Never Let Go

"This is a lovely book, laced with emotion, full of challenge and above all a wonderful insight into the faithfulness of God."

  Mrs Jarvis

"This is a courageous telling of one woman's loss of faith - particularly courageous because she was an evangelist...This book got me thinking about aspects of my own beliefs that I've never questioned - and in my mind that has to be a good thing. Buy it, enjoy it and be challenged!"                                      Emma Ives, BigSmallCharity, www.bigsmallcharity.co.uk 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this; couldn't put it down in fact. As well as being a story of rediscovering faith, it is a book that points us to grace but doesn't shy away from the really difficult questions of doubt, faith and struggle. Lynda has written from a place of complete honesty about her unwanted singleness, her motives for serving in the church, and as a result she sets us free to look again at our own lives, ask the hard the hard questions, and ultimately to receive his grace and father love afresh. An excellent and potentially life changing book."                                                                 Michael Keen                                                                                                                                               

"It is above all a story that should give everyone who reads it, hope"                                                                  Ramtopsrac

 "This book is written from the heart, honest and sometimes very painful. It shows what an amazing faithful God we have. I would recommend it to anyone who is going through a crisis of faith or someone who knows of someone who is. It speaks powerfully to both groups of people."                                                                                                   Debbie Garner