I've written two books, which help you on your search for freedom.


My first book, He Never Let Go, deals with how I lost my faith while still working and preaching the gospel as a parish evangelist at a lively Church in West London.

My second book, Being Known, tells how God set me free from food addiction, after years of searching.

Both books are available to buy on Amazon Kindle and this is the cheapest way for you to buy them. Free Kindle apps are available for your mobile phone, pc or mac computers. You do not need to own a Kindle to buy a Kindle book. Buy your Kindle version of He Never let Go here and Being Known here

You can also buy a paperback version direct from me by emailing me at  seekingthehealer@gmail.com

He Never Let Go

He Never Let Go cover.jpg

At the beginning of 2009 Lynda Alsford was the parish evangelist at Christ Church Turnham Green in Chiswick, West London.


But she was. . .

Living a lie - Preaching one thing. Believing another.


Lost in broken dreams - Her dreams in tatters around her feet.


The prodigal evangelist - An evangelist who had to evangelise herself.


He Never Let Go tells the story of an evangelist dealing with a crisis of faith. But it is ultimately the story of a loving heavenly Father, who never let His rebellious child go.

Being Known

Being Known final.jpg

"it's the first book that has spoken to me of the twenty-five plus I've read on food addiction."  Review from Amazon. 

“Food is an anaesthetic and its anaesthetising powers have me imprisoned”
Lynda Alsford was a captive who dreamed of freedom from addictive overeating.

“I had a hole in me somewhere… a black hole of pain sucking in all the food around me”  Would she ever work out how to fill the hole in her soul with something other than food?

Being Known describes Lynda’s long, arduous journey to find freedom from addiction to food. Share her triumphs and disappointments over many years of searching as she edged her way to freedom through Jesus.