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About me


I live very near the sea in East Sussex, UK. I trained as a Church Army Evangelist and worked as parish evangelist at two different West London churches over a period of seven years. In 2009, while working at a lively Church in Chiswick, I went through a time of doubting the existence of God. I thought I had become an atheist. With my life in turmoil and my dreams shattered I left Church ministry in 2010 and moved back to Sussex, where I grew up.


Since being here my faith has returned and I've found a much deeper faith than I had previously. This has in turn led to a greater intimacy with Father God. The effects of this in my life are far reaching.  I have grown in my faith far more over the last 10 years than in the twenty years that went before it. 


As I shared what God had done for me I found people were encouraged by hearing my story. This prompted me to write a book about my experiences. Writing my story down was a very cathartic experience for me. My primary reason for writing/ speaking is to show people Jesus. 


I love living near the sea and I really enjoy walks along the clifftops, In spring there are wild wall flowers growing on the cliff tops and not only does it look stunning but it smells wonderful too.  No matter what the weather the view is beautiful. Whether rough or calm the sea inspires me and it is where I feel closest to God.  I cannot stop taking photos of the beautiful view here! The two sea photos on this page are of the cliffs near me. The sunsets are amazing and every year along a small section of the cliffs wild wall flowers grow and for a short while give a blaze of colour and a wonderous smell. 

I share my home with a  3 legged rescue cat called Sir Charles Limpalot. Charlie (as he's known to his friends) is proud, and doesn't consider himself disabled by his missing front left paw. He likes sitting on laps, short belly rubs. He used to bring me live frogs, birds and mice as presents. I did not like these gifts. Now, at the age of 14, he appears to have stopped bringing them to me. Yay!

Charlie stretches out 8.jpg
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